First aid courses

The ability to provide first aid to victims is necessary not only at sea. The first minutes are often everything. An ambulance, a ship’s doctor or rescuers will be able to help the victim only when they get to the scene. Sometimes it takes hours. And competently provided first aid helps the victim to wait for the arrival of doctors.

At sea, such skills become paramount.

Training and training center “Flagman” allows you to quickly acquire all the necessary knowledge and skills.

You will learn to:

– Do artificial respiration and chest compressions correctly;

– apply splints and harnesses for different types of injuries;

– choose a position of the body, in the adoption of which the victim will not receive additional damage, and fix the victim in the desired position without assistance;

– carry out simple medical procedures (make injections from a syringe tube, process and bandage open wounds, etc.);

– to provide assistance if a foreign body enters the respiratory tract; burns of any origin, heat and sunstroke.

You will learn:

– the appointment of each item and medical product from the first aid kit, and options for replacing the necessary medical instruments or drugs with improvised means;

– symptoms of cardiovascular diseases and methods of relieving acute conditions;

– symptoms of acute allergic reactions and severe neuropsychiatric disorders;

– key differences between different types of fractures and bleeding and methods of fixing broken bones and stopping bleeding.

You’ll get:

– a complete set of knowledge and skills necessary for providing first aid on board the ship and in any other life situations;

– internationally recognized certificate.

In addition to theoretical lectures, the first aid training course includes a large amount of practical training. The simulators and mannequins of our center allow us to plausibly simulate difficult situations and clearly develop the skills of providing first aid to victims.

Educational and Training Center “Flagman” is equipped with everything necessary for the necessary skills to be worked out to automatism, and subsequently effectively applied in real life situations.

STC “Flagman” will help you find the right course under any circumstances.

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