June 25 – Day of the sailor

Every year, June 25 is celebrated as the Day of the Seafarer or, in other words, the Day of the Seafarer. The decision to celebrate was made in 2010. The UN member states of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) signed Resolution 19 at a conference in Manila, which served as the basis for the establishment of this professional holiday. The resolution emphasized that a special day for people of all maritime professions is necessary, because the contribution of seafarers to international trade, the world economy and the development of civil society as a whole is invaluable. These words were addressed to 1.5 million professionals who have linked their lives with the water element.

The holiday is dedicated specifically to the seamen of the merchant fleet, who, unlike naval sailors, have not yet had their holiday – the days of the workers of the sea and river fleet were celebrated mainly by people not directly related to work at sea. Statistics report that 80% of all world trade activities are carried out by seafarers in the merchant marine.

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