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Remote training course for survey of bulk and liquid cargo.

Who is this course for?
-For people with different experience of cargo operations in the field of water transport – for example, if you want to change jobs on existing ships and go ashore, this course will help you to master the unique techniques developed over the years in a short time;
-Surveyors, tallymen, stevedores, operating crew members.
-For everyone who wants to gain in-depth knowledge or change their field of activity.

What does the course include?
-On / Off Hire Survey;
-Bunker Survey;
-Determination of the amount of cargo: draft survey, Ullage Survey;
-Checking the readiness of cargo spaces;
-Control of sampling, express analysis of cereals;
-Monitoring loading / unloading.

This course corresponds to the generally accepted practice in the world of cargo survey on sea and river-sea vessels and takes into account the specifics of survey activities in the Russian Federation and abroad.

What makes this course unique? What do you get after graduation?

-Opportunity for distance, step-by-step teaching methodology;
-Teaching the skills and knowledge of the two main stages of the draft survey:
measurements and calculations based on real examples;
-Training skills and knowledge on the acceptance of cargo spaces (more than 10,000 photos of the holds in the author’s archive);
-Sampling according to international regulations;
– Ready-made forms of counting programs according to GOST and ASTM (American Society Testing Material)
-There is the possibility of receiving face-to-face (on-line) classes with an instructor;

About the instructor (curator of this course)
In the fleet for over 30 years;
of them 15 years of sailing crew;
+15 years of surveyor activity;
Currently working exclusively with P&I Club in the following areas:
-Investigation of damage to ships and hydraulic structures;
-Investigation of various incidents on Water Transport;
-Presentation of the interests of Foreign Registers of Navigation;
-Investigation of damage to goods.

Upon completion of training, a certificate of completion of the course is issued.

Consultation and recording in the messages of this group or by phone +79613310293

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