Occupational safety on ships

Any ship, regardless of its purpose and displacement, is a zone of increased danger, therefore, special attention is paid to labor protection on ships.
Knowledge and observance of the rules and regulations of labor protection is necessary in any production process – from the installation of a pilot ladder to cooking in the galley. Each violation of the safety of the production process leads to harm to the health of the ship’s crew members.

Training in the “Flagman” training and simulator center under the “Labor protection for managers and specialists of water transport” program will help you to apply in your professional activities knowledge of international and federal legal acts, the Labor Code and the Rules for labor protection on ships of the sea and river fleet of the Russian Federation.
You will familiarize yourself with the documented procedure for training and instructing on labor protection, regulations for hazardous work within the framework of labor legislation, learn how to investigate accidents at work and provide first aid to victims.

The class will consider:

  • system of admission to work of each member of the ship’s crew;
  • labor protection requirements for general ship works;
  • requirements for providing crew members with personal protective equipment;
  • labor protection requirements when working in different types of premises;
  • labor protection requirements when moving around the ship;
  • regulations for anchoring, mooring and towing operations;
  • real situations that led to injury to crew members;
  • typical mistakes made by the ship’s command staff and the correct algorithm of actions;
  • the probable consequences of widespread cases of violations of labor protection norms and rules, resulting in injury to crew members.

Particular attention is traditionally paid to labor protection rules for crew members of ships carrying dangerous goods. Indeed, on such ships, when performing a number of types of work, it is necessary to observe special ones. additional safety rules. You can learn about the rules for carrying out each type of such work on a training course at the “Flagman” training and training center.

The acquired knowledge at the “Flagman” training center will allow bringing the ship to the port of destination and preserving the most valuable thing – the life and health of the ship’s crew.

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