Knowledge Assessment Software Package (PKOZ) “Mechanic”









Knowledge Assessment Software Package (PKOZ)

Knowledge Assessment Software Package (PKOZ) e-SMART “Mechanic” designed to assess the knowledge of ship mechanics, electromechanics and electricians of sea vessels in accordance with the requirements of Section A-III / 1, A- III / 2, A- III / 3, A- III / 4, A- III / 5, A- III / 6 and A-III / 7 of the STCW Convention and other international normative documents regulating the safety of navigation and the prevention of environmental pollution.

e-SMART PCAP is developed in accordance with the recommendations of Section B-I / 6 of the STCW Code “Guidelines for training and assessment” in the part of “Guidelines for assessing the progress of a trainee and the progress made during training using distance and e-learning tools.” …

e-SMART allows you to test knowledge of both the operating level (Engineer on duty, Electromechanic and Electrician) and the management level (Chief Engineer and 2nd Engineer), for the four functions of the STCW MC:

  1. Marine mechanical installations;
  2. Electrical equipment, electronic equipment and control systems;
  3. Maintenance and repair;
  4. Managing ship operations and caring for people on board
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