HELM (Human Element Leadership Management)




Developed in accordance with the recommendations of IMO model (typical) courses 1.39 “Leadership and teamwork”, 1.22 “Ship simulator and bridge teamwork” and 2.07 “Engine-room simulator”

Input Requirements

  • Higher or secondary specialized education, experience in leadership positions in the field of maritime transport

Purpose : the formation of knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to improve the moral and psychological climate in the crew, an adequate response to emergencies and critical situations in relations between crew members, motivation of the command staff to lead in the international crew of a sea vessel

Trainee category: Command personnel of ships’ crews, persons involved in the organization of maintenance and supply of the fleet, its operational management, crewing, employees of management companies, shipowners

Additional information

Duration of training (hours)

16 hours

Duration of training (days)

2 days

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