Oil spill response specialist (basic course) – 1 level


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Input Requirements

availability of professional education and work experience in the field of sea and river transport

Category of listeners

Crews of ships and personnel of oil terminals involved in OSR, fleet specialists whose activities are related to environmental protection, pollution prevention, preparedness and response to emergency oil spills.

Level 1 – the course is designed for specialists directly involved in oil and oil product spill response activities, as well as for service personnel employed in OSR:

  • ship crews and oil terminal personnel involved in OSR;
  • the commanders of the coastal oil pollution clean-up working groups;
  • operating personnel of organizations involved in spill response activities in accordance with the OSR Plan;
  • volunteers involved in spill response in accordance with the OSR Plan.

Intent: formation of knowledge, skills, skills necessary for organizing the safety of the production process, ensuring the protection of the environment, preventing its pollution by oil and oil products, preparedness for liquidating emergency spills of oil and oil products, responding to emergency spills of oil and oil products


Additional information

Duration of training (hours)

40 hours

Duration of training (days)

5 days

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