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Psychometric testing is usually used by employers in the selection process for candidates for a particular position. In fact, psychometric testing is one of the “hidden” aspects of almost any interview. Typically, this testing extends both to checking professional skills and determining personal qualities.

Most employers use this type of testing in the early stages of selecting applicants for the position in order to immediately “weed out” obviously inappropriate candidates.

Psychometric testing of professional qualities can take place orally or in writing, involving filling out a questionnaire online or on paper. The purpose of this part of testing is to determine the candidate’s ability to think analytically and logically in a given situation.

At the same time, personality testing is aimed at determining the character traits of the candidate and his ability to make decisions.

The questions in this part of the test are modeled in such a way as to understand whether the candidate will fit into the general atmosphere of the employer’s work process, and whether he has qualities that will help to achieve business success.

Psychometric testing, aimed at checking the professional abilities of a candidate, in most cases consists of multiple choice tasks (a question and several answers to choose from).

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