Sailboat “Pallada” headed for Vladivostok

Today, March 17, the training sailing ship “Pallada” after anchorage in the Chinese port of Dalian took a return course to Vladivostok, reports IA “Date”.

Recall that this year’s first voyage for the training sailing ship Pallada began on February 15 and will end at the end of March 2017, Data News Agency reports.

In a month and a half, cadets from Primorye and the Republic of Crimea will learn how to operate a sail and a vessel, and also visited the ports of China and South Korea.

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Recall that during the current voyage, 82 cadets from the branches of Dalrybvtuz: the Vladivostok Maritime Fisheries College and the Far Eastern Maritime School, as well as 30 students of the Kerch State Maritime Technological University, are practicing on board the Pallada training sailing vessel of the Federal Agency for Fishery.

It is planned that the sailing ship will stay in the voyage for 45 days, during which time the vessel will visit two foreign ports – Dalian (PRC) and Busan (Republic of Korea). In Korea, during the three-day stay of the sailing ship in Busan, the crew and cadets took part in events organized by the Consulate General of Russia.

On February 28, the crew of the Pallada, passing once again the place of the death of the Russian squadron in the Korean Strait (Tsushima), paid tribute to the memory of the dead Russian sailors.

The crew and cadets were built in full dress at the stern of the ship. The senior command staff was built on the wing of the navigating bridge, from where the captain of the ship spoke about the military feat of the Russian squadron through a broadcast, after which they were given the command: “Lower the state flag of the Russian Federation! Take off your hats! ” To the whistle of the ship’s typhon, the cadets lowered a wreath into the water.

After the solemn ceremony, the flag was raised in place. The crew and cadets moved to the foremast area, where they took several photos for memory. At the end of the ceremony, ship work and training continued.

The Pallada set off for the current voyage under the leadership of the new captain Sergei Tolovikov.

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