Seafarer courses

The sea requires from the people who have associated their work with it, the maximum amount of knowledge and skills. Where professional rescuers and doctors, a security service and an interpreter come to the rescue on land, at sea you have to rely only on yourself and your comrades. Therefore, on ships of any displacement and specialization, specialists of a wide profile are highly valued, who, in addition to their main working specialty, know how to provide first aid to victims, understand labor protection, speak professional English and other useful skills.

You can receive the necessary training in these and other industries at the “Flagman” Training and Training Center in Rostov-on-Don.

We have collected for you:

– the best teachers in each discipline, who are fluent in theory and have extensive work experience. The teachers of our center are familiar with all the “emergency” situations that await you at sea, and are ready to do everything to ensure that you are ready for any surprises;

– modern simulators that simulate real situations in the wheelhouse and in the engine room and allow seafarers undergoing training to look for the right solutions in a given situation;

– well-thought-out training programs that allow in a short time to fully assimilate all the necessary information on the chosen profile.

Within the framework of classes, students of our center practice and bring to automatism their skills of work in any regular and emergency situations. Learn to calculate the consequences of making certain decisions. Such a training system significantly reduces the risk of serious mistakes during a real exit to the sea, since the algorithm of actions in each situation has been worked out.

Special attention is paid to the training of specialists for work on ships carrying dangerous goods. The “Flagman” Training Center is equipped with a simulator for cargo and ballast operations on tankers (oil, chemistry, gas), which allows students to understand in practice the peculiarities of working on tanker ships.

Upon completion of the chosen training course, all seafarers undergo certification, during which it is checked whether their knowledge and skills meet the specified standards. If students successfully cope with all assigned tasks, they are issued a certificate of the established form.

If you want to become a sought-after specialist, get not only a certificate, but also real knowledge and skills of the required profile – contact the “Flagman” Training and Training Center .

We are always on the right track!

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