Study with us and receive a tuition tax deduction

Studying at the “Flagman” training center, you will not only gain the knowledge and skills you need, but will also be able to significantly reduce the 13% tax on personal income * for yourself.

Having paid for training at the “Flagman” training center, you, in accordance with clause 2 of Art. 219 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, you are entitled to a social tax deduction for training. You are also entitled to a social tax deduction for education if you pay for tuition at the Flagship Training Center for your children under the age of 24.

The amount you paid for your education at the Flagship Training Center or for the education of your children is deducted from the total amount of your taxable income. The maximum amount of deduction per year is no more than 50,000 rubles for your children under the age of 24 and no more than 120,000 rubles for you.

In order to exercise their right to a tax deduction for tuition fees, a taxpayer must:

– Fill in a tax return (in the form of 3-NDFL) for the “Flagman” training center of the year in which the tuition fees were paid.
– Get a certificate from the accounting department at the place of work about the amounts of accrued and withheld taxes for the corresponding year in the form of 2-NDFL.
– Prepare a copy of an agreement with an educational institution for the provision of educational services, which indicates the details of the license to carry out educational activities, and in case of an increase in the cost of training, a copy of the document confirming this increase, for example, an additional agreement to the agreement indicating the cost of training.

If you paid for the education of your own or ward child, brother or sister, you must additionally provide copies of the following documents:
– birth certificate of the child;
– documents confirming the fact of guardianship or guardianship – an agreement on the implementation of guardianship or guardianship, or an agreement on the implementation of guardianship over a minor citizen, or an agreement on a foster family (if the taxpayer spent money on the education of his ward);
documents confirming kinship with a brother or sister (if the education of a brother or sister was paid).
– Prepare copies of payment documents confirming the taxpayer’s actual expenses for training (checks of cash registers, cash receipts, payment orders, etc.).

Submit a completed tax return with copies of documents confirming actual expenses and the right to receive a social tax deduction for training expenses to the tax authority at the place of residence.
* If in the submitted tax declaration the amount of tax to be refunded from the budget is calculated, together with the tax declaration it is necessary to submit to the tax authority an application for the refund of personal income tax in connection with training costs.

Attention! A certificate confirming full-time education, as well as a certified copy of the license are not required, this information is present in the contract for the provision of educational services.

We give knowledge. The law gives the right to social tax deduction.

Combine both advantages together – study at the Flagman training center!

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