When certifying crew members of inland water transport vessels, two stages of qualification tests are envisaged.
At the first stage, candidates undergo written or computer testing according to the list of questions developed by ABVVP and agreed by Rosmorrechflot.
The candidate is offered 12 questions for testing.
In case of receiving correct answers to nine or more questions, the candidate is considered to have successfully passed the qualification tests and passing the second stage of the qualification tests is not required.

At the second stage, the commission conducts an oral interview, at which the candidate is asked to answer questions to which incorrect answers were received during written or computer testing.
Based on the results of qualification tests, the commission decides on the candidate’s suitability for the position for which he applies
The candidate participates in the qualification tests directly.
The decision on the candidate’s compliance with the position for which he is applying is made at a meeting of the commission by open vote by a simple majority of votes from the total number of members present at the meeting of the commission. In case of equality of votes, the decision is considered to be in favor of the candidate.
Based on the submitted documents and the results of the qualification test, the commission draws up a protocol and gives one of the following assessments:
– the candidate corresponds to the position for which he is applying;
– the candidate does not match the position for which he is applying.
The qualification test protocol is entered into the information system, a unique identification number is assigned to it, after which the protocol is signed by all members of the commission present at the meeting. The qualification test report serves as the basis for the issuance of a qualification document, subject to the conditions provided for by this Regulation.
In case of non-compliance of the candidate with the position for which he is applying, the reasons for the non-compliance are indicated in the qualification test report. In this case, the application of the candidate and the protocol of qualification tests are stored for a year.
Graduates of educational organizations that train specialists for work in the crews of inland water transport vessels are exempt from qualification tests to obtain a diploma within one year after graduation.
In accordance with the Regulations on the certification of crew members of inland waterway vessels, approved by order of the Ministry of Transport of Russia No. 87 dated March 12, 2018, Rosmorrechflot has developed and agreed upon issues for the preparation and conduct of qualification tests of crew members of inland waterway vessels in the administrations of inland waterway basins and their branches.
• a list of questions for the preparation and conduct of proficiency tests (see below)

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