e-Learning at the Flagship Training and Training Center

Distance learning for seafarers

At the moment, taking into account the situation, we have decided to intensify the promotion of our own e-learning platform SMART .
Our training center from the very beginning of its foundation began to develop its own product for distance learning for seafarers.

In 2017, a platform was selected. To do this, we started with the development of individual training courses. At first, these were the simplest courses, but as we worked, we touched on almost all aspects of training seafarers.

Now our electronic platform covers almost all types of training for seafarers. It includes a huge number of presentations used by our instructors, available to those students who are enrolled in a particular course. In addition, there is access to the library and a huge database of questions in various directions, which will help you to remotely master the material at a high level.

Thus, our e-Learning portal consists of lecture material, video content, presentations, practical tasks, test modules.
At the moment, more than 100 different training programs are available for study.

How to access our portal?
1. Call us to clarify whether we are conducting this program using the portal.
2. In case of a positive answer, apply for training and pay for the course.
3. Next, the course curator will connect you to the required training program.
4. You will receive a username and password by e-mail.
5. Go to our portal do.flagmantc.ru .
6. Go to your personal account.
7. Start learning remotely and enjoy the learning process.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone +7 (961) 33-102-93, as well as in the chat on the training portal and ask all your questions!
The portal is very easy to use and, of course, its main advantage is that you can study the material on the chosen preparation at a convenient time for you, even without being in our training center.

Of course, all training is supervised by our instructors. Part of the lecture material will be given out through online conferences in the ZOOM program ( https://www.zoom.us/ );

All programs that require practical training will be organized as follows: all theory is issued using our e-learning portal, and for practice you will come to our training center, hand over your practice as soon as possible and receive a certificate of preparation.

We wish you success in mastering the knowledge and acquiring the skills necessary for work!

Flagman team




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