Medical examination and training – anything is possible

The flagship is working on expanding the range of services to make our center as convenient as possible for training!

Passing a medical examination is one of the mandatory aspects of employment, as well as training!

We understand how time consuming it is to undergo training, as well as how problematic it is to enroll in a medical center at a certain time and at the same time combine these 2 parallel processes – training and passing a medical examination.
We decided to simplify this moment for our clients and organize the passage of the commission while studying with us.

Now you can get a referral for a commission to a medical center (Medservice center, Krasnoarmeyskaya 40/88) and undergo a medical examination on Wednesdays or sign up for a commission of doctors who conduct an examination in our center on Saturdays at 10.00.

At the specified time, all specialists work only with clients of our center – the entire medical examination will take the minimum time allowed.

Medservice has all the permits for all types of examinations of crew members, navigators of small vessels, as well as for receiving all types of analyzes.

You can order all options for under-flag medical certificates, physical examination, Drug & Alcohol test.

You can sign up for a medical examination by calling our phone 8 (900) 122-86-71.

We are waiting for you for training and medical examination😊

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