Ballast Control Operator(MOU)


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Program description

The working additional professional program is designed to train personnel of offshore mobile units in accordance with the requirements of Sections B-V / d of the STCW Code and IMO Resolution A.1079 (28), as well as those responsible for routine day-to-day control

Entrance requirements for listeners

  • A candidate for a certificate “Training of personnel in the control and management of ballast operations on mobile offshore installations” must have a certificate of completion of the course “Initial safety training” obtaining a qualification document of a crew member of an inland waterway transport vessel


The goal is to develop students’ practical skills in applying an integrated approach when carrying out ballast operations on offshore mobile units, taking into account compliance with the safety requirements of LPG and personnel, for the proper performance of the main safety and pollution prevention functions assigned to the operator who manages the ballast operations

Listener category

Mobile offshore personnel responsible for ballast management

Additional information

Duration of training (hours)

40 hours

Duration of training (days)

5 days

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