English for seafarers

English has long become the main language of international communication. Every port in the world and almost every decent hotel from Zimbabwe to Kaliningrad has English-speaking staff.

Do you want to be understood always? Learn English.

Professional English

In international ports and neutral waters, almost all radio communications and any other business communication is conducted in English. Therefore, if you are going to persistently move up the career ladder and in the near future take a place on the captain’s bridge, knowledge of the English language is vital for you.

There can be dozens of situations at sea when even basic knowledge of English can significantly help you and your comrades. Take an English course at the “Flagman” Training and Training Center – supplement your resume with one more important plus.

Commercial English

Marking on the package of cargo and the rules for its stowage and fastening, warning notices and charter terms – all this should be known to any seafarer. It is easy to guess that any mistake in terminology can lead to damage to an expensive cargo (if not fastened correctly, instead of an antique vase or complex electronics, fragments will reach the destination port).

Understanding of English will allow you to become in demand in commercial negotiations and organizing leisure activities of counterparties, communicating with port officials and local residents.

Good knowledge of English opens up a lot of opportunities for any position. Do not miss your chance!

Everyday English

Coffee or water, a doctor or a toilet – not everything can be explained with gestures, and, unfortunately, they do not know Russian everywhere. Thousands of difficult situations have arisen practically from scratch due to a banal ignorance of the language. Even a short English course will help you avoid the sea of domestic problems that persecute foreigners abroad.

English at the “Flagman” Training and Training Center

Educational and Training Center “Flagman” uses the latest technical achievements in its work.

A specially developed program will allow you to learn a maximum of professional terms, understand the semantics of the language and learn to understand spoken language.

As soon as possible, we will teach you how to correctly recognize warning labels, both general (“Danger”, “No smoking”, etc.) and narrowly professional (“Keep clear of propellers!”, “No mooring!” And etc.), understand the commands of the English-speaking pilot and, if necessary, ask him clarifying questions.

If you want to become a demanded specialist – learn English at the “Flagman” Training and Training Center!

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